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Last day in Chengdu


Group photo with the European Film History class

Today is my last day at Sichuan University in Chengdu. We finished the class on European Film History with a series of student presentations on 1920s avant-garde films, such as Entr’acte, Ballet mécanique, Emak bakia, Ménilmontant, La perle and Vormittagsspuk. During the initial preparations, many students were struggling with these non-conventional films, but today, it was so nice to see they successfully engaged with these films! Also for me, broadening the view has been the central theme in the last two weeks…


The afternoon class!

Visiting Sichuan University


One of the main old university buildings

Last Sunday, I arrived in Chengdu, the capital of the Chinese province Sichuan. Together with 170 other international scholars, 450 international students and more than 3000 Chinese students, I take part in Sichuan University’s international ‘University Immersion Program’. It’s my first time in China, even my first time in Asia (although I once shortly crossed the Bosphorus…), and I must say I’m quite overwhelmed. The combination of teaching 3,5 hours every day and engaging with this new, fascinating culture every minute make it a very intense and rewarding experience!


Students of my European Film History class watching ‘Le voyage dans la lune’