Monthly Archives: November 2016

European co-production symposium

I’m currently participating in the ‘European Co-production Symposium’, organized at the University of Copenhagen. Yesterday, I gave a presentation on the intersection of economic, cultural and ideological tension within the history of Dutch-Flemish co-production policy, thereby also touching upon how co-production policies relate to concepts of national and transnational cinema. It was a special presentation for me, as it was located in the same university building as where I followed courses as an Erasmus student back in 2007… Today there are industry panels with policy makers and industry professionals, including particularly intriguing talks by Roberto Olla (Eurimages), Anna Herold (European Commission) and Charlotte Appelgren (Cine Regio). I’m looking forward to further engagements with the Coproduction Research Network!


The symposium’s participants, with organizers Julia Hammet-Jamart and Petar Mitric on the left (the third organizer is Ben Harris) (photo: Nguyet Nguyen)

Dutch-Flemish remakes/ECREA Film Studies section chair

Since a few years, I’ve been following a remarkable film production trend in the Low Countries with special attention: the practice of popular Dutch films being remade in the same language in Flanders, and vice versa. After having reflected informally about this – from an international viewpoint highly exceptional – phenomenon of remaking films within a same language region of barely 23 million speakers with my colleague Stijn Joye, we wrote a research project proposal to critically investigate this emerging trend. We were very happy to obtain funding from the Research Foundation Flanders, and since 1 September, Eduard Cuelenaere works as a PhD candidate on this project, which aims to scrutinize the various cultural and economic dynamics and dimensions involved in the Flemish-Dutch remake phenomenon. I’m looking forward to work more intensively on this project in the coming years…


Last week, Eduard presented this research project for the first time, at the ECREA (European Communication Research and Education Association) conference in Prague. At that same conference, I was elected as chair of the Film Studies section (after having served four years as Young Scholars Representative of the Film Studies section). Together with the two other chairs, Laura Rascaroli (University College Cork) and Sergio Villanueva Baselga (University of Barcelona), I will do my best to increase the significance of film studies within a media and communication research context, and to organize a conference in Cork in 2017! A big thank you to the chairs who are stepping down, Helle Kannik Haastrup and Anders Marklund, for all their hard work in the last years!